My Spring Clean Bill of Health Started with an 80 lb Weight Loss

June 4 2011 side w date BA


Instead of Spring Cleaning our house this year I used Spring 2013 to create a “Clean Sweep” of Health for myself. Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time in doctor offices dealing with my Mother’s health issues and during that time I neglected my own health maintenance visits.


I was feeling wonderful still maintaining my 80 lb weight loss for over 3 years. I had lots of energy and felt great so why fix what wasn’t broken? My mom is now getting more assistance in her new home so I took the time to start making my appointments.


  • Visit one was the GP for a regular visit, blood tests and pap. I passed with flying colors with a slight change on my thyroid med.


  • Visit two the mammogram. Since I’m an ovarian cancer survivor they have to read my pictures while I’m still in the office. They came back and took a few extra shots and then I was told all is well and could leave.


  • Visit three the eye doctor. Remembering during the visit of a past issue he wanted to dilate again but I had a presentation to do so I made another appointment.


  • Visit four I returned to the eye doctor a few weeks later on a sunny day. Lucky me I need to have twice the drops in each eye since I have small pupils that are hard to dilate. The drops alone are very uncomfortable and then he starts shinning a flashlight in each eye and says to keep my eye open wide. WOW! I told him that this is more painful than the mammogram I just had. He said no one ever told him that before. But once again I was fine and OK to go.


  • Visit five the BIG one. Because I was now over 50 I needed to have my colonoscopy. It wasn’t my first. I’ll never forget my first because my prep was on 911 and the procedure was the day after 9-12. As they all say the prep is the worse. I did ask a few questions because if I don’t eat every 3 hours I get rather ill from a blood sugar drop. Something I dealt with in my teens and then not again till after I lost my weight. Since I eat ever three hours while awake I never have issues unless I need to fast for a test or surgery. The doctor said I could have clear liquids up until 3 am. So I spent Tuesday night and Wed on clear liquids doing all the prep steps. I stared feeling bad at church Wed afternoon but found a sugar packet down by the coffee maker and mixed it with water and felt ok to drive back home. I continued with the prep went to bed at 10 and woke at 3. I felt bad in the bathroom but make it back to the bed. Woke an hour later made it to the bathroom and found myself on my knees on the floor. Sat back on the seat, felt better so I wanted to get back to bed. Got to the sink and the next thing I know my husband is knocking on the door asking if I was alright. I was on the floor out of it. I couldn’t move or talk and I was laying in front of the door. I had fallen backwards hit my head and back on the glass shower door and my head was wedged in the corner between the tub and door. The loud noise of me falling woke him up. My husband was able to squeeze into the room and got me some sugar water and back into the bed. My appointment was at 8:15 and they were running late I got in at 9:45 they checked my sugar and said it was ok and went ahead with the procedure. No issues clean as a whistle. Check that one off my list.


  • Visit six was the dentist. Not always a fun place to go but I do enjoy the people working there. X rays and cleaning and the once over from the dentist and I was OK to go for another 6 months.


So today June 1st I’m happy to report that I passed all my health check ups and I’m looking forward to a fun and busy summer. Like most people I have had to deal with some health issues in the past but since starting my weight loss journey back in June of 2009 I have really become aware of how important taking responsibility for my health really is. I feel great and I’m enjoying life.


If you would like more info on the program I used to lose 80 lbs and keep it off for over 3 years visit this site. Http:// fill out the contact info and I’ll give you a call to answer all your questions. I’m certified Health Coach Natalie Jo Becker Paying It Forward To Help All I can to reach Optimal Health and stay there.


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