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My Spring Clean Bill of Health Started with an 80 lb Weight Loss

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

June 4 2011 side w date BA


Instead of Spring Cleaning our house this year I used Spring 2013 to create a “Clean Sweep” of Health for myself. Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time in doctor offices dealing with my Mother’s health issues and during that time I neglected my own health maintenance visits.


I was feeling wonderful still maintaining my 80 lb weight loss for over 3 years. I had lots of energy and felt great so why fix what wasn’t broken? My mom is now getting more assistance in her new home so I took the time to start making my appointments.


  • Visit one was the GP for a regular visit, blood tests and pap. I passed with flying colors with a slight change on my thyroid med.


  • Visit two the mammogram. Since I’m an ovarian cancer survivor they have to read my pictures while I’m still in the office. They came back and took a few extra shots and then I was told all is well and could leave.


  • Visit three the eye doctor. Remembering during the visit of a past issue he wanted to dilate again but I had a presentation to do so I made another appointment.


  • Visit four I returned to the eye doctor a few weeks later on a sunny day. Lucky me I need to have twice the drops in each eye since I have small pupils that are hard to dilate. The drops alone are very uncomfortable and then he starts shinning a flashlight in each eye and says to keep my eye open wide. WOW! I told him that this is more painful than the mammogram I just had. He said no one ever told him that before. But once again I was fine and OK to go.


  • Visit five the BIG one. Because I was now over 50 I needed to have my colonoscopy. It wasn’t my first. I’ll never forget my first because my prep was on 911 and the procedure was the day after 9-12. As they all say the prep is the worse. I did ask a few questions because if I don’t eat every 3 hours I get rather ill from a blood sugar drop. Something I dealt with in my teens and then not again till after I lost my weight. Since I eat ever three hours while awake I never have issues unless I need to fast for a test or surgery. The doctor said I could have clear liquids up until 3 am. So I spent Tuesday night and Wed on clear liquids doing all the prep steps. I stared feeling bad at church Wed afternoon but found a sugar packet down by the coffee maker and mixed it with water and felt ok to drive back home. I continued with the prep went to bed at 10 and woke at 3. I felt bad in the bathroom but make it back to the bed. Woke an hour later made it to the bathroom and found myself on my knees on the floor. Sat back on the seat, felt better so I wanted to get back to bed. Got to the sink and the next thing I know my husband is knocking on the door asking if I was alright. I was on the floor out of it. I couldn’t move or talk and I was laying in front of the door. I had fallen backwards hit my head and back on the glass shower door and my head was wedged in the corner between the tub and door. The loud noise of me falling woke him up. My husband was able to squeeze into the room and got me some sugar water and back into the bed. My appointment was at 8:15 and they were running late I got in at 9:45 they checked my sugar and said it was ok and went ahead with the procedure. No issues clean as a whistle. Check that one off my list.


  • Visit six was the dentist. Not always a fun place to go but I do enjoy the people working there. X rays and cleaning and the once over from the dentist and I was OK to go for another 6 months.


So today June 1st I’m happy to report that I passed all my health check ups and I’m looking forward to a fun and busy summer. Like most people I have had to deal with some health issues in the past but since starting my weight loss journey back in June of 2009 I have really become aware of how important taking responsibility for my health really is. I feel great and I’m enjoying life.


If you would like more info on the program I used to lose 80 lbs and keep it off for over 3 years visit this site. Http:// fill out the contact info and I’ll give you a call to answer all your questions. I’m certified Health Coach Natalie Jo Becker Paying It Forward To Help All I can to reach Optimal Health and stay there.


Weight Loss Journey Continues… Photos of Sparta, WI. Bike Trip

Thursday, July 14th, 2011
My photo “activities” continue.
I don’t like the word exercise.




On Sunday my husband loaded up the travel trailer and our bikes and headed
out to the Biking Capital of America Sparta, WI. There were severe weather
warnings early so we waited till they passed.  We pulled in and set up camp and
then headed out for the closest tunnel #1 before dinner. The trail is on an old
railroad track with 3 tunnels.
Tunnel #1 is 1694 feet long, inside it’s totally BLACK you do need a flash
light and you have to walk your bike. Inside it was a cool 60 degrees. There’s a
mist outside the opening.  The big doors were used to keep the snow out for the








We continued to the town of Kendall took a rest and headed back for dinner.
We rode 10 miles the first day.

We had storms overnight but the sky’s cleared and we were back on the sunny
trails heading the other direction by 10 am.  This time we were heading for
tunnels 2 and 3.








Here I am in front of a caboose in Wilton, WI.




Tunnel #2 That white spot is the other end it’s a straight shot.




Tunnel #3 was like a wet and wild water ride.  There was water dripping on
our heads, water under foot and running down the walls.  It felt very good on a
90 + day after riding 15 miles one way.  That was as far as I could go so it was
another 15 miles back. I wish I could say it was an easy ride but for me it was
hard, what looked like a flat trail was hard to go 6 miles per hour a few areas
we coasted going 13 mph but it felt like it was uphill both was and against the
wind in 90 degrees. Once again my legs held up but my butt didn’t.  My husband
thought we should go the 8 more miles to reach Sparta but I assured him I was
fine with NOT reaching the end of the trail. After all that 8 miles turns into 16 more
when you ride home.



We had our picnic lunch in Norwalk in the shade and I did spot one black
squirrel.  We made it back to camp around 3pm rested and went for a swim in the pool
before dinner. We rode a long 30 miles on day 2.

Just so I could say I was in Sparta the next morning it looked like rain so
we headed out in the truck and drove to Sparta and took some photos.  We also
went to the Deke Slayton museum of space and bikes.  While there we watch a
movie about these two guys that rode a tandem bike from CA to NJ in 7 days. Lon
Haldeman and Pete Penseyres set the record on May 16 1987. Jim and I rode 30
miles in 5 hours the day before now I have a real goal to work towards:)


Proof I made it to Sparta!
Here’s one of the bikes the record breakers rode.

So over the two days we clocked in 40 miles of bike riding, some great
photo’s and fun memories forever.

My favorite shot of the trip that’s my husband out front.

I’m holding my own at goal now for 17 months enjoying my NEW healthy lifestyle after losing over 88 lbs.

I wish you new, fun adventures on your weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Adventures Continue…

Friday, July 1st, 2011
June 24 Friday night my husband and I took a bike ride till sunset.  I clocked in 15 more miles on my new bike. As I have said in the past it’s not exercise to me just a photo opportunity so I’m sharing a few of my favorite shots of the day.
This is my favorite rest stop along the route it comes at about mile 6 after a long uphill ride.  I need to write a thank you note to the family that donated it and placed it in the most perfect spot.
My favorite flower shot of the day.  I took a break on the bench and let my husband get in a few extra miles uphill while I rested…I mean took photos. This was taken while sitting on that great bench.
June 25th 2011
I made it another 30 days at my goal weight of 150 so that makes 17 months now.
THIS PROGRAM  helped me lose 88 lbs and I’m keeping it off. As a certified  health coach I can help you for free and save you money on your food purchases.  Contact me at ihelpweightloss@gmail for more info. Visit my site to learn more.
July will be a very busy month with a 3 day camping trip with day time bike rides and a 10 day trip to FL for fun and convention. One trick I learned while on THIS PROGRAM was how easy it made my travels to always have my meals on hand so I didn’t need to stop and buy fast food. They work great in the car, camping, planes and even hotel rooms. An added bonus is I save money on food and come home a few pounds lighter.
THIS PROGRAM will come out with 5 new foods this month and they present them at convention so keep your eyes and ears open so you don’t miss the big announcement.
Good luck to you all wherever you are in your journey.

My Weight Loss Journey 2 Years Later Than and Now

Monday, June 6th, 2011


Happy 2 year Anniversary To Me

June 4th, 2009 marked Day 1 of my journey. Little did I know then that I would today be celebrating life at my goal weight for 16 months and counting.

The past two years have gone by very quickly. My life has changed in so many ways. The results of this program are so worth anything I had to give up to get here.

230 pounds is a dark, cold and lonely place I never want to go to again. For 7 years I tried all sorts of things to lose weight and never lost a single pound but continued to gain at an alarming rate. Each season I had to purchase larger clothes just to get by. My doctors had no answers and I was scared. Medical issues started appearing and I was heading downhill fast. When would I stop gaining?

Being an Ovarian Cancer Survivor I would look in the mirror every morning and say I was happy just to be alive but I was wasn’t really happy or much alive back then. I was just going through the motions and getting by with doing the least I could.

At my lowest low and highest weight of 230 I was willing to try just one more thing. I feel the Lord showed me THIS PROGRAM. I never heard of it before and I was willing to give it a try. I had no faith that it would work. I felt it was hopeless. Boy was I wrong!

This program worked the first week and every week after that. I became a true believer. I feel mind set is very important on this program. If you are willing to do whatever it takes and follow the program 100% it will work.

When asked on a scale of 1-10 how motivated are you to succeed I was an 11. I was willing to do whatever I was told so that if it didn’t work it wasn’t because I didn’t do it right. It would have been that the program didn’t really work.

This program was the easiest thing I have ever done. I wasn’t hungry and had no cravings. I got to eat 6 times a day and I never exercised ever. Once a major carboholic I now have no desire to eat breads and pastas, still to this day.

I prefer my cauliflower pizza over home delivery pizza. All my desserts and treats are THIS PROGRAMS brand and Sara Lee never comes to visit me.

My new favorite quote and words I live by… MEATS AND GREENS WILL MAKE ME LEAN – SUGAR AND CARBS WILL MAKE ME LARGE -Doug Varrieur

230 Land is a place I never want to visit again. I love paying it forward to help the next group of losers that feel the same way I did, hopeless and helpless. This program will give you both help and hope. I give credit to THIS PROGRAM for giving me a NEW Life one that I never experienced before. Thanks my coaches Lori and Wayne for being great coaches.

I would also like to thank all the Program  friends I made along the way to share my journey with. There is great strength in sticking with like minded people all on the same journey. Your stories and pictures inspired me to carry on with my journey.

I love THIS PROGRAM because it works!

Quick stats… Day 1 June 4 2009 @ 230 lbs. I lost a total of -88 lbs -8 below my goal.  I have been maintaining at my goal of 150 for 16 months now. The pictures above are 230 lbs and 150 lbs.

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My Weight Loss Journey Continues and new photo opportunity

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

The weather finally warm up and dried out here in Northern Wisconsin.

Here’s my new bike I got for my 50th birthday ready for it’s maiden voyage.  That’s a Flavor Infuser in that water bottle.

On Mother’s day my husband and I took a 13 mile bike ride out to Blue Gill park in Wausau, WI from a trail head near our home.

It’s NOT exercise It’s a Photo Opportunity

This week my husband and I took a 16 mile bike ride on the Mountain Bay Trail near our house. The weather was perfect 62 and sunny. I wore a thin knit jacket to cover my arms since I burn easily. I did get some color on my hands. With much effort I was able to pull on my old gel seat cover from my old bike. At first it felt great but after a few miles I was reminded that I still haven’t broken in my seat, if you know what I mean. Guess it will take a few more rides for that.

Heading out to Ringle seemed up hill and against the wind but the trees showed no breeze. Then I figured it was just because I was riding so fast. After we turned around to head back home the ride was a lot easier. I love my new bike it’s a great improvement over my last one. We discovered a new park along the river and I did have to stop to take some pictures.

My life is so much more active now that I have the excess weight off. I’m enjoying activities I never even tried before.

That’s 29 miles on the new bike so far.

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I have a SECRET… My weight loss journey continues Exercise?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

I’d like to tell you a secret.  I don’t like exercise.  I never exercised during my weight loss. I guess I wanted to prove the program really worked all be it’s self and it sure did.

I do know exercise is good for me and now I’m working on my exercise journey.   Since the “E” word is a big negative for me I have decided to look at it differently. I’m big on multitasking so exercise always seemed boring. I tried listening to books on audio while at the gym but I didn’t like that either. I like nature and I love taking pictures so I think of my new activities as “photo opportunities on the go”.

This winter it was snow shoeing in different parks all around the area.  Last week it was water fall hiking all across Wisconsin from Ironwood MI to Duluth MN. When it drys out I’ll be biking on the local trails.

My husband is happy we can spend more time together and I’m happy I can keep up with him now.   Some other ideas are kayaking, paddle boat, geocaching, and orienteering.

I agree with Dale Carnegie I’m having fun with my successful exercise journey.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” – Dale Carnegie  

Are you having FUN?

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Weight Loss Vacation Exercise Story

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010


My vacation bike story  Who paid my husband to………….


First some background facts.  I lost -88 lbs, finished transition and have been in Maintenance since April 2010 and I did it ALL with NO exercise.  So now I’m working on that part of my plan. 
My husband and I went for a week long camping trip with the trailer and bikes in tow last week.
Day 1 we started on the bikes with a short trip on a walking path to the beach. It was kind of exciting dodging the rocks, mudd pits and tree branches. It was super windy so the woods helped that.  Well, my Hubby decides we should take the long way home. The trail hurt his back.  It’ll be easier on the road he says. OK so the road was smooth but it was uphill and against the wind most of the way.  I remember making the comment that my tires must not be round because they sure don’t roll very easy. DH just laughed because he just filled them up and they were as hard as a rock and he was having no problems at all. The last third of the ride was down hill so that’s what saved me.
Day 2 we took the car and bikes on the ferry to Washington Island. We drove to the tower.  Climber the steps up the hill side 116 of them and then another 65 up to the top of the look out tower then back down all 181 steps. After a picnic lunch at the beach we got on the bikes. Another super windy day and I had some sore leg muscles but I was going to do it. He made it look so easy and granted he does have an expensive light weight bike with a gazillion gears.  My bike has 7 gears and only the lower 6 work humm. There were times that I was going so slow up hill I was amazed I didn’t fall over. Again I noticed how others would just wiz right by me with no effort.
Day 3 we took the bikes out to the state park to ride the sunset trail.  10 miles of hard packed trails in the woods.  I loved it but I still needed to get off my bike a few times to get up some hills. Most everyone else could ride up them in low gear but I figured it’s just because I’m out of shape I’ll get better. After lunch we climbed another tower 107 steps up and back down again.
Day 4 we walked out on the break water to a light house and back and then took a bike ride between parks and then further along the shore.  It was pretty windy but I did better and stayed on my bike the whole time. We did have to climb one last tower 100 steps up and 100 back down again.
Day 5 we went back to the park to do the 10 mile sunset trail again and I still needed to walk up a few hills.  By this time I have been noticing that the only time my bike rolls is if I’m pedaling, the bike really doesn’t coast.
Day 6 our last day of activity so we start off the morning with a short road ride to the local resort on the water. Once again I comment on how I don’t think this bike works right. With my feet on the ground straddling the frame I pull up the handle bars raising the front tire and my husband reaches over to spin it and the tire spins and comes to a dead stop.
OK, so who paid my husband to rig my bike with the front brake on? Fess up. I know it was one of you. LOL
His remark was look at all that exercise you got. Like the 35 miles of bike riding, hiking up all the towers and the walks to the sunset every night weren’t enough exercise?
He played with the brake and got it to release my front tire.  Oh my gosh.  What a difference that made.  It was like a whole new experience riding that bike back to the trailer. I coasted half the way home. I felt free and light as a feather with the wind on my helmet.  I even lead the way.  Then we drove the car out to the Cana Island area got on the bikes and road around the area for the afternoon. Never once did I have a problem getting my bike to roll.
Moral of the story always check your bike out before you go for a ride.
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Good health and long life!


My 1 Year Weight Loss Anniversary

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

This week marks my 1 year anniversary. June 6, 2009 I started my first day of this journey with a oatmeal.

Little did I know then that I had just discovered The Secret to Fast Safe Weight Loss.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that in 33 weeks I would lose 80 lbs and reach my goal. Now 88 lbs lighter and feeling so much better in so many ways I’m so thankful to THIS PROGRAM for giving me an even better all NEW life.

I have now been maintaining over a month with no problems. I took the lessons I learned while on the program and continue to follow them everyday. The weight is staying off and I couldn’t be happier.

I feel honored to be Paying It Forward and helping the next group on their journey to a new life.

I love THIS PROGRAM because it works

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I’m NatalieJo Health Coach

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Week 1 Maintenance Program

Monday, May 3rd, 2010




It’s a size 6

 While my last post was all about being “DONE” with the weight loss part of this program we all know that watching our weight is something we will continue to do the rest of your lives.
I just finished my first week of Maintenance with no change in my weight.  Basically I more or less just followed what I had been doing in stage 4 of transition with a few small exceptions.  We went out Friday with friends for fish.  I ordered broiled fish with the garlic red potatoes.  On my side salad I just had the house dressing and I also ate the little cup of coleslaw. Then last night I had grilled chicken and brown rice only to remember that I already had my whole wheat serving at lunch so I ended up with 2 servings.
While I do now get hungry in between meals I don’t really crave bad choices. I’m overly cautious about having something that’s not a healthy choice because I don’t ever want to end up back where I started.
I track my food on a little card I made that wipes off and I follow the correct serving sizes and selections for stage 4 transition.  I have not been worried about tracking calories and carbs because I know my selections so far have fallen into the guidelines. If and when I do decide to have something off the usual options I make sure to read the label and track that too.
I got a Denim skirt at Target today in a size 6 and it’s loose. It’s great to have a larger selection of styles to choose from now.
I worked in the yard a little the past two days and I was happy to discover that yes I do still have muscles. I used muscles I didn’t even know I had and now I can barely walk. I guess tackling exercise will be my next journey.
Week one of Maintenance down a lifetime to go.

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