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Week 1 Maintenance Program

Monday, May 3rd, 2010




It’s a size 6

 While my last post was all about being “DONE” with the weight loss part of this program we all know that watching our weight is something we will continue to do the rest of your lives.
I just finished my first week of Maintenance with no change in my weight.  Basically I more or less just followed what I had been doing in stage 4 of transition with a few small exceptions.  We went out Friday with friends for fish.  I ordered broiled fish with the garlic red potatoes.  On my side salad I just had the house dressing and I also ate the little cup of coleslaw. Then last night I had grilled chicken and brown rice only to remember that I already had my whole wheat serving at lunch so I ended up with 2 servings.
While I do now get hungry in between meals I don’t really crave bad choices. I’m overly cautious about having something that’s not a healthy choice because I don’t ever want to end up back where I started.
I track my food on a little card I made that wipes off and I follow the correct serving sizes and selections for stage 4 transition.  I have not been worried about tracking calories and carbs because I know my selections so far have fallen into the guidelines. If and when I do decide to have something off the usual options I make sure to read the label and track that too.
I got a Denim skirt at Target today in a size 6 and it’s loose. It’s great to have a larger selection of styles to choose from now.
I worked in the yard a little the past two days and I was happy to discover that yes I do still have muscles. I used muscles I didn’t even know I had and now I can barely walk. I guess tackling exercise will be my next journey.
Week one of Maintenance down a lifetime to go.

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Program Works Buying New Swimsuit Land’s End 25% OFF

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I’m a big fan of shopping online.

I like to think I got the best deal on the things I buy and I don’t really like shopping. Shopping online lets me check out the best deals all over the Internet and then when I make my purchase I always use a shopping portal that gives me a rebate on my purchase and coupon code too.
My two favorite shopping portals are BigCrumbs and EBates and I check them both to see which has the largest rebate for where I’m shopping.  I’m often able to use online coupons and get free shipping too.
For example today I went shopping for a swimsuit.  A little history here I recently lost  -88 lbs on this program.  Yep, I was shocked too.  Nothing ever worked for me but this works for everyone that follows it and it’s easy.  I’m now a Free Health Coach with the company and I would be happy to help you lose weight and get healthy too.

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Sorry, where was I?  Oh ya, I needed a new swim suit so I was looking at my copy of the Land’s End catalog and got an idea of what I wanted.  I got an email from Lands end yesterday with a 25% off swimwear coupon code and free shipping deal till April 12th. Next I went to my 2 favorite portals BigCrumbs first and they don’t offer rebates on Land’s End but EBates does.  So I logged into my EBates account and started shopping from that page so I would get credit. That’s very important you need to start your shopping from the portal for credit.
The Land’s End email also had a clickable link that takes you to their site but then you don’t get the rebate.  Always shop from the portal.  On the Land’s End email in fine print it tells you the coupon discount code and pin to use at check out.  Here it is if you want use it too.
Or at checkout, on the Billing Information page, go to the section labeled “Promotion Code” (above the credit card payment box) and manually enter the Promotion Code APRIL12 and PIN 2027 in the space provided.
So I placed all my items in the shopping cart and checked out I made sure to add my coupon code and pin and I even had a gift card to use.  I doubled check to make sure my shipping was free and I got my 25% off and It used my gift card for payment and it did everything correctly.
I saved 25% or $43.39, got free shipping and I’ll be getting 2% cash back from EBates.
Some stores offer 15% back on purchases.
The portals I use are FREE to sign up and some even pay you.  Ebates will give you $5.00 when you make your first purchase  start from here then they will pay you $5.00 for each friend you send over that also shops from there. It’s a community like facebook but you can make money and save money all in one place. Bigcrumbs also pays you when your friends save money.
I use shopping portals for all my online shopping along with coupon codes.  It really saves me time and money around the holidays and adds up quickly.
If you would like to be part of my group on EBates click here to sign up
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Happy Savings To You All!