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Weight Loss Vacation Exercise Story

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010


My vacation bike story  Who paid my husband to………….


First some background facts.  I lost -88 lbs, finished transition and have been in Maintenance since April 2010 and I did it ALL with NO exercise.  So now I’m working on that part of my plan. 
My husband and I went for a week long camping trip with the trailer and bikes in tow last week.
Day 1 we started on the bikes with a short trip on a walking path to the beach. It was kind of exciting dodging the rocks, mudd pits and tree branches. It was super windy so the woods helped that.  Well, my Hubby decides we should take the long way home. The trail hurt his back.  It’ll be easier on the road he says. OK so the road was smooth but it was uphill and against the wind most of the way.  I remember making the comment that my tires must not be round because they sure don’t roll very easy. DH just laughed because he just filled them up and they were as hard as a rock and he was having no problems at all. The last third of the ride was down hill so that’s what saved me.
Day 2 we took the car and bikes on the ferry to Washington Island. We drove to the tower.  Climber the steps up the hill side 116 of them and then another 65 up to the top of the look out tower then back down all 181 steps. After a picnic lunch at the beach we got on the bikes. Another super windy day and I had some sore leg muscles but I was going to do it. He made it look so easy and granted he does have an expensive light weight bike with a gazillion gears.  My bike has 7 gears and only the lower 6 work humm. There were times that I was going so slow up hill I was amazed I didn’t fall over. Again I noticed how others would just wiz right by me with no effort.
Day 3 we took the bikes out to the state park to ride the sunset trail.  10 miles of hard packed trails in the woods.  I loved it but I still needed to get off my bike a few times to get up some hills. Most everyone else could ride up them in low gear but I figured it’s just because I’m out of shape I’ll get better. After lunch we climbed another tower 107 steps up and back down again.
Day 4 we walked out on the break water to a light house and back and then took a bike ride between parks and then further along the shore.  It was pretty windy but I did better and stayed on my bike the whole time. We did have to climb one last tower 100 steps up and 100 back down again.
Day 5 we went back to the park to do the 10 mile sunset trail again and I still needed to walk up a few hills.  By this time I have been noticing that the only time my bike rolls is if I’m pedaling, the bike really doesn’t coast.
Day 6 our last day of activity so we start off the morning with a short road ride to the local resort on the water. Once again I comment on how I don’t think this bike works right. With my feet on the ground straddling the frame I pull up the handle bars raising the front tire and my husband reaches over to spin it and the tire spins and comes to a dead stop.
OK, so who paid my husband to rig my bike with the front brake on? Fess up. I know it was one of you. LOL
His remark was look at all that exercise you got. Like the 35 miles of bike riding, hiking up all the towers and the walks to the sunset every night weren’t enough exercise?
He played with the brake and got it to release my front tire.  Oh my gosh.  What a difference that made.  It was like a whole new experience riding that bike back to the trailer. I coasted half the way home. I felt free and light as a feather with the wind on my helmet.  I even lead the way.  Then we drove the car out to the Cana Island area got on the bikes and road around the area for the afternoon. Never once did I have a problem getting my bike to roll.
Moral of the story always check your bike out before you go for a ride.
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I’m Done With This Weight Loss Program

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Sunday April 25th 2010 at midnight marks my Last day…

my last day of my 12weeks of  Transition. I finished the weight loss and transition portion and I’m ready to  go out and maintain for life.

My Journey started on June 4th 2009 at 230 lbs. I reached my goal of 150 lbs in 33 weeks with a -80 lbs loss on January 25th 2010. I averaged 2.5 lbs lost per week. I stayed on the  plan for one more week then started Transition for 12 weeks. While in Transition I lost another -8 lbs for a total loss of -88 lbs.

I have been 100% On Plan for 46 weeks straight, that’s 322 days, or 7,728 hours or 463,680 minutes.

I went from a size 18 pants and 2XL tops down to a 6-8 pants and a Med top. I lost a total of -39.5 inches.

For 7 years I tried everything to lose weight but not even one pound would budge. Each morning I would say I was just happy to be alive. I survived a football size cancerous tumor in my ovary in 2002. After a full hysterectomy I was one of the lucky few to survive ovarian cancer. While I was grateful to be alive I wasn’t really happy or much alive back then.

Like many overweight people I kept rather isolated. Not happy with the way I looked or felt and it was easier to sit at home. That all started to change after I started having success on THIS PROGRAM. My Mom noticed a change right away over the phone. She asked what I was doing? She could tell that I was happier and more fun to talk with. She says this program gave me my “happy” back.

Along with all the obvious things I lost while on this program like pounds and inches and my low self esteem I gained so much more than I ever lost. Never in my life have I ever stuck with anything this long and had this great of success and it was so easy. I gained friends all over the US all on the same journey willing to help each other. I gained the knowledge of proper eating and a healthy lifestyle that will keep me successful the rest of my life. I gained good health and a fit body, energy and self esteem. I gained the taste for healthy foods and a thirst to help others on their journey.

 Don’t worry I won’t be leaving the support forums. I’ll be here to help the next group on their journey.

This Program has been a Miracle in my life and I’m Paying It Forward to help all I can to receive their own Miracle.

This Program will always be a big part of the rest of my life.

I love it because it works!


P.S.  Here are a few questions I get asked alot

Did you exercise?  No not at all ever.

Will it work  for people with low Thyroid?  Yes it did for me.

Did you have a coach?  Yes I found my own I wanted to work with.

Did you need a tummy tuck?  No and no saggy skin to deal with either.

How much did you lose in a week?  Average is 2-5 lbs my average was 2.5.

Did you ever cheat or go off the plan?  No not even once.

Did you touch up the pictures? No touchups needed.

Was Transition hard?  A little harder than the weight loss part  it takes more thought and planning.

How did you do it?  I took is one meal at a time, set small goals and stayed focused on my Big WHY.

If you are looking for a plan that works you found it.

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Weight Loss Without Exercise

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

I was so proud of myself today.

First some background history.  I lost -88 lbs with no deliberate exercise for 10 months. I guess I was just testing the program to see if it would really work and it did.  I averaged a 2.5 lb loss for 33 weeks and another 8 in Transition so far.
My husband is a real active guy, hiking, biking, the YMCA etc. He is very kind and asks me to join him but I have always said NO since I started my  journey.  At first it was because I can’t exercise for the first three weeks, good excuse.  Then it was just out of lazyness I guess.  I hate to exercise.  I kept saying I would start after I got done losing the weight.  Well I did make goal over 10 weeks ago and still never started to exercise.
So when I headed into the kitchen to make my meal for dinner my husband says how about going for a walk pause or bike ride? Hum OK how about a bike ride.  After all it was 60 degrees out and sunny.  So we went and dug out the bikes out filled the tires and I said oh wait we have to document this, my first exercise outing for 10 months.  I handed him the camera and told him to take a few shots.
Well the ride was pretty hard for me.  It’s up hill both ways from our house to anywhere. I felt much lighter on the bike and surprising to me my bony butt felt happy on my gel bike seat. I must have been going fast because it got pretty windy out there on the open road. We didn’t really go that far and I stopped twice once for water and once to eat a  bar because remember I was on my way to make dinner but never got to.
My husband road on further after I turned for home which was fine with me.  My ears were hurting from the cold wind.  I came in with shaky legs and layed down till I felt better.
So the moral of the story is yes this program will work with NO exercise but I don’t recommend it.  It is much better to have exercise as part of your weight loss journey like I teach my clients.  Then after the weight is gone you will be fit too. Guess I still have another journey to travel now.
Ok now for the funny part:)
I get home and recover and look to see how the pictures turned out and this is what my husband shot of me.
  • Do you see a bike anywhere in these shots?
  • Can you tell that I’m sitting on a bike.
  • Does this picture document my first exercise in 10 months?

No I didn’t think so either.

Now I know why I took all my other pictures by myself with my tripod.

Medifast Lean & Green Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

This is one of my favorite Medifast Lean and Green dinners. There are so many recipes floating around out there and I have not had great success with mine so I did some research.  I read the Medifast forum and asked some of the experts.

Yesterday I gathered up all my supplies and worked till I mastered both the recipe and the baking techniques

1/4 cup Egg Beaters (1/8 Lean)
3/8 cup low fat shredded Mozz or Mexican 4 cheese variety for a harder crust (3/8 lean)
1 cup Fresh Cauliflower chopped up in food processor (2 greens)
dash of Italian spices (optional)

Mix together and put into a sprayed foil pie pan.  Pat down so it all sticks together.

Bake 15-20 min at 450 till it starts to turn brown then flip it over and bake another 10 minutes.

Top with
2 tsp sugar free Pasta sauce ( 2 condiments)
1/2 cup low fat shredded Mozzarella cheese (1/2 lean)
1/2 cup of veggie (1 green)

Place it under the broiler just till the cheese melts

To Freeze Crusts
Let cool and stack in foil tins, wrap well and freeze.  When ready to use let defrost, top with toppings and bake in the foil tin.

Wash and reuse tin over and over.

From one fresh head of cauliflower I got 5 crusts so I ate one for dinner and froze the other 9 for later.

Since I’m now in Transition I can add more on top like turkey pepperonni for my extra lean and more veggies for my extra veggies.

 The crusts are so good plain you don’t even need to top them with anything. You can also make them like logs and they will be like bread sticks that you can dip into the pasta sauce.

I hope you enjoy cauliflower pizza as much as I do.

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Medifast Transition Day 7 Lean & Green Breakfast

Sunday, February 7th, 2010


Day 7

If you are following my blog then you know I’m out of town and heading out for breakfast with my husband and old neighbors. While I was getting ready I had a MF cappuccino made with coffee.  A few hours later we checked out of our hotel and walked over to meet our friends.  This morning I already planned to have my lean and green for breakfast which I never do.  I ordered an omelet with cheese, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. I gave the English muffin to my husband. It also came with roasted cubed potatoes my extra veggie for the day.  You know how long it’s been since I had any potatoes? Over 35 weeks. I shared half of the potatoes with my husband too. I also had another cup of coffee and water. I guess I haven’t been telling you all the water I drink everyday but I have no problem getting it all in.
After breakfast we walked back to the lake front to take pictures of the Ice sculptures. We went inside to warm up and sat and visited some more before to headed out for back home in different directions.  We took a walk along the frozen shore to our car and I snapped a few more pictures.
The rest of the day were all MF meals.  I had an oatmeal crunch bar in the car.  Then a bag of parmesan puffs for dinner.  Coffee with my Chocolate mint crunch bar in the evening and my chocolate pudding just before bed. Oh and I did have some baby carrots because my omelet didn’t have all my veggie servings.
That completes one week of Transition adding 1 cup of extra veggies to the 5&1 plan.  I weigh in tomorrow morning and then taper down to 4 Medifast meals, and a lean & green and 1 extra cup of veggies and a fruit medium in size or 1/2 cup of berries.
I did get in a lot more exercise walking than I’m used to this past weekend.  I still have never started an exercise plan.  I lost 80 lbs on Medifast without any exercise. But that all is about to change so stay tuned to this blog and find out what I just bought myself as my weight loss reward.

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